The Benefits of Facebook Carousel Ads

If you are a businessman or doing service anywhere and you want to promote something for getting profitability towards your customers, what is the one thing you are looking for? That is Facebook Carousel Ads. Why only Facebook because it has a super useful feature that has been around for a year and also it has added as a mobile application.

Are Facebook Caroousel Ads an option to get more results from Facebook? Today we will take acloser look at the good aspect of Carousel Ads. This is one type of Ads that enables businesses to showcase three products with in a single Ad unit on desktop or mobile. Each products highlights on it’s description, image, click targets etc.

There are several examples of Facebook Carousel Ads like it will show you multiple imges and links in one advert which becomes the showcase in your products, promotions etc. The folloeing are the examples of Facebook Carousel Ads.

  • Straight Outta Compton – It showcase sections on the films and announce it’s release on VUDU.
  • Deezer – This ad features an image of the group spread across three cards and utilized the hesdline space on each cards to break the news about the beatles being on deezer.
  • Fallout – It shares ratings and reviews from well known and trusted games industry websites and magazines.
  • Xbox – This is used a panoramic shot of character, lara croft, hanging on a cliff face.
  • Tesco – It helps to showcase a step by step recipe and link back to real food blog etc.

There has some special features of this Facebook Carousel Ads like-

  • 1. It features on five different products that a customer can click on a purchase or get more information.
  • 2. Show you sole product offering being used in five different ways.
  • 3. Highlight five different clients with different demographics using your service.
  • 4. Complex products have five photos to illustrate usage.
  • 5. Tell your company”s story on visually explain how you have made a different for a client.
  • 6. And if your business has anything to do with travel or outdoors, you now have a way to showcase your breathtaking, paranomic photos.

This ad can be extremely effective, how can you maximize their potential? Five ways you can use on Facebook Carousel Ads.

  • Highlight a product- By this Facebook Carousel Ads, you can highlight your product and generate more revenue. For this reason, you can use the headline copy to provide more context to each Image.
  • Illustrate how to use a product- It helps to illustrate how to use aproduct in a proper way.
  • Tell a story – Stories highlight on different factors. It is an effective way of sharing your brands message and engaging with your customers. Like you want to sell any of your product, you just briefly discuss about that product that is why the client becomes familier with the entire scenerio.
  • Product tour- Deezer, music app have used these ads to give people a taste of the in-app experience before they even download it. If you follow this procedure, each card of ad summarized a feature of the app, offering people agood idea of what to expect from the app.
  • Article sharing- These ads are the amazing way to promote articles. Like if you share any article regarding your product, you will get good profit, if it satisfy the guest’s requirements.

Now we will discuss what are the benefits of Facebook Carousel Ads. These ads allow business to include 3-5 images in ad they post on Facebook. The benefits are-

  • 1. Showcase multiple products together- If you want to show the number of goods, this ad is the best showcase for you.
  • 2. Promote your brand’s culture- This ad is a tool to promote your brand’s culture very well. You may become one of the famous brands in the world and you can get more and more profit.
  • 3. Tell a brief story- In this ad, you can easily give the brief introduction about your products, it’s availability, durability, productivity etc that is why customers can come to know about the entire details after go through once.
  • 4. Getting revenue and become renowned- Facebook Carousel Ads halps to generate revenue after sellimng your products and now a days, in this competitive market, you have to provide some speciality on that product that is why you may become renowned.
  • 5. Reduce cost- according to Facebook Carousel Ads, advertisers have seen carousel link ads drive 30-50% lower cost per conservation (cpc) and 20-30% lower cost per click than single image ads.

There has some Facebook Carousel Ads specification also. Imagine that you have already defined a strategy and it is the time to prepare your images to the carosuel. First of all you have to check how much text does your image have. For Facebook text it should take less than 20% of image. For this specification-

  • The image size should be 600* 600px
  • The text on the top of the image can be of a maximum of 90 character.
  • The link headline can be of a maximum of 40 characters.

Some of you have already decided to test the carosuel while reading the articles, but we will guide you to experiment with advertisementtools and use not only standard approaches, meanwhile somebody is already using carousel to attract new customers who are probably yours.